I SELL......

Bravo Frank Carnuccio, The highest sold duplex of this age in Lasalle. Close to $800.000. Vendors have been trying to sell this home for over 2 years, but could not. Everybody was saying the home is nice but to expensive... The vendor was finally referred to Frank Carnuccio, from Sutton Clodem....He got the job done under 60 days... Bravo


Thank you for being such a great real estate agent.  You did an amazing job in selling our house. We appreciate you.

Petronella & Pierre-Paul

Frank, thank you for the gift, I love it very much. You are the most efficient and capable broker I have ever seen. Thank you for helping us to buy our favorite house.

Hu Cuimei

Dear Frank, How to thank you !! In record time, you sold two of our properties, one residential and the other commercial. I must also point out that in the same period you have found our new dream house. I want to thank you and your assistant Lynn for the professionalism you have shown throughout, many transactions. I appreciated amoung others, the great ease of communication during transactions, honesty availability as well as mutual trust established. I will not hesitate to refer you to my friends and acquaintances at any time.


François Bouchard

We were very satisfied with the service from Frank and his team.


Anna Fragapane

In 2015 we decide to sale our parents home with an agent for 6 months with no interested visitors and no offers. We decided to put the house for sale again in 2018 with Mr Carnuccio from Sutton..We list the house on feb 12 2018 and by 19 feb 2018 we were presented by two verry good offers. In fact one over asking price. Within a month we had a notarized sale.

I would like to thank Frank Carnuccio and his team for the professional service offerd and the speed at which all was accomplished. I fully recommend his services to anyone who is seriously interested in selling his or her property.


Antoinetta Iorio-Maimone

A few small words of thanks to  a professional and constructive team, experience, know-how, excellent service, The attention to each client.

Thank you to Frank Carnuccio and is team.

Céline Levac

Frank's knowledge of the market, the speed of execution of mandates and the professionalism of his team makes real estate transactions accessible and reassuring.

Anne Bérard

Mr Frank Carnuccio is a true professional, he gives very good service and takes time to explain to us, so we could understand. Thank you Frank for your professionalism.

I would like to  give a note also to Lynn and Julie, his assistants. Lynn is very professional and patient, always at the office to answer our questions and even find a solution.

I really like their approach which is simple while making us feel comfortable. Thank you Frank and team i enjoyed doing business with you!

Louise Gauthier

Thank you Frank for being my real estate broker. When I first listed my duplex in Lasalle with you, I did not know much about you except that your name was all over the area. But right after your name was on the property, I got alot of positive comments about you and your results. 

You sold the property in no time, and I really appreciated your way of doing business and openness to find solutions to problems. I listed with you a multi million dollar empty building in the North part of the city, and in a few months, you sold it at a good price for me and the buyer. 


I also listed with you my high end multi-million dollar old residence. I would like to thank you for researching and finding for me a reputable real estate broker in Rome, with whom I listed my enormous villa on the lake just north of Rome. 

To conclude, Frank, I like the way you work. I like your organization, the team you put together and your personality. In other words, keep the way you are and may God give you a long, healthy and happy life.



Tony T.

We bought a Duplex on Simonne St. 3 years ago. When I look around my neighbourhood, most of houses listed and sold are with Mr. Frank Carnuccio. Mr. Frank Carnuccio was bringing offers after offers. Our duplex was sold in less than 3 months. Frank is the best man in Lasalle and definitely a specialist in Real Estate.

We never met such a hard working, diligent, honest, and confident realtor like Frank before.

We recommend Mr. Frank Carnuccio 100% as your realtor. He will not let you down!!!

Thank you very much for Frank Carnuccio, Josheph and His teams!!!

Mr. Lim and Ms. Lee.

I would like to thank Mr. Carnuccio and his professional team, especially the executive secretaries, Marisa and Lynn for their close cooperation. Even after Desjardins refused to transfer our mortgage to our first purchasers, Frank quickly returned to the position with a second client and the transaction was concluded quickly.

Regards Le cordon du Québec enr.

Claude Duhamel

Clément Duhamel

We thank you for your continuous dedication in helping us find our new home. Your professionalism and demeanor is unparalleled!! During the whole process you made us feel very comfortable and never in a position of doubt.  These are a few of the characteristics which make you a great human being and a leader in your field!  You are not only our realtor, but have become a great friend. Continued success!

Vicky & Darren Carmosino

Dans La Rue helps young people that are homeless or in a vulnerable situation. The organization offers several services to help these youths acquire a more independent and fulfilling life. We are proud to be part of this Montreal based charity. No one should have to live in the streets and we are glad to participate in Dans La Rue’s mission towards ending homelessness and creating a better future. This is why a portion of all of Frank Carnuccio’s sales go towards Dans la Rue. Sutton is proud to be able to continue to donate to Dans la Rue and help provide services and help the homeless youth in hopes that they can all find “a place called home”.

...New total donations to date as of October  2019 : With pride we have donated $503,462.57 and still continue the cause.

Administrative Staff of Frank Carnuccio

Condo 7088, rue Marie Rollet, Lasalle


Mr.Frank is really the best agent in the Lasalle area. We have done many research before selling our property in Lasalle and found him the top ranking with the best reputation. Then we signed the contract following his suggestion. Although our price is not that low and our tenant is still living inside, Mr. Frank negotiated between us very patiently and arranged around ten visitors in very short time and then got an offer very soon. While there was some gap between our target and buyer’s offer. We really appreciated his excellent job and willing to recommend him to all our friends.

Huang Yi

Frank is very well known and is the best. The selling of my house went more than well, I am very happy! I give my best wishes to Frank and his team. 

Gabriella D.

During my countinuous work with Frank, I found him very hardworking. Frank took charge and I could just leave everything to him. You did an amazinf job in selling my house and did it quick. Thanks again! I would recomend Frank. Really was a good experience!

Paul thompson

I've known Frank a good part of my life, he's a very professioanl individual and I have always had trust in all my dealings with him.


John Fisher


Frank is a man of his word and he is very responsible. He amazed me and i would recommend him to anyone and everyone wanting to sell their home. I did not expect to sell my home as fast as we did. Huge thank you to this man of his word!

Excellent service. Great presentation and very polite with people. 

Thank you!

Mr. Pierre Samson et Micheline

Here is an advertisement of Frank on boul. Newman in Lasalle

I am extremely satisfied with  services from Frank's team. Frank always answered my questions and ensured a constant communication to finally find in less than 2 months the property that suited me.He is close and honest and his advice has brought me a lot. His knowledge of the market is an undeniable asset for a real estate investor.

Thank you. I recommend to Frank for his follow-up and I hope to quickly call your services again for a future acquisition.



We wish to thank Frank for the fantastic service he provided in selling our duplex. Frank made the sale in 4 days. Frank attended the signing at the notary and assisted us in having the notary make a correction to the draft deed of sale. This correction helped both the buyer and the seller.

Great Job Frank

Thank you

Ugo and Agnese

Frank responded quickly to our initial call and came to explain how he could help us. We have set the asking price together based on the market data and his experience. He made some very good recommendations for visits. He contacted his collegues who brought visitors and drew on his own list of clients looking for a home like ours. We accepted an offer on the 10th  day of the first meeting. Frank's assistants were very helpful in solving our administrative questions. And Frank then handed over to his co-worker Nathalie Bourassa to find the condo we were looking for after our sale, which was also very quick. Thanks to Frank and the Sutton Clodem Team.

Claude Bélanger &Suzanne Boisclair

Thank you Frank for your expertise and your wise advise .They proved very useful. At this point we sold our home quick and at the right time .


Me and my husband just did the notary for our condo near LaSalle metro station. For this purchase, we didn't have a buyer's agent and talked directly to the seller's agent.

Frank Carnuccio from Sutton company gave us plenty of help. He is a very mobile and hardworking person. He has a keen eye for real estate investment and he sorted out the ideas for our future investments.

We really appreciate his hard for in this process and will recommend him to all of our friends. We wanèt everyone to experience his high quality service.

Finally, we wish Frank the best and are happy to watch him reach the next level of his career.

Translated to english (Originally Chinese)


Frank and his whole team, starting with you Lynn, have been world-class quality and all interactions have exceeded my expectations so far.

Diana Skrypkar

Frank Carnuccio and his teamates are truly amazing! When it was time to sell my late fathers's home, we were under a great deal of emotinal stress! Frank was sympathetic and understanding so he took over and guided us with the utmost care. His advice was factual, honest and he clearly explained his game plan with the utmost confidence!

Needless to say  the house was sold in record breaking time and everything was handled with professionalism right to closing.

We cannot thank you enough Frank for all that you did for us!! You truly have a gift.

We strongly recommend Frank and his team to make things happen !

Linda & Toni

Congratulations and thanks to Mr, Carnuccio and his team. It is a pleasure to testify to the quality of Mr. Frank's work on the sale of my apartment building in Lachine. The purchase offers arrives quickly and Mr, Frank has managed the negotiations with a master hand,,, A real pro. I would also like to thank the valuable collaboration of his team working on the success of the Sutton agency, particularly his administrative assistant, Ms Lynn , Ms Nathalie and Mr Roberto. If someone is looking to sell or buy a building, he has only one interesting address, Frank Carnuccio and his team. 

From a satistied customer,

Gilles Lemoyne

Gilles Lemoyne

The transaction with Mr. Carnuccio is always smooth. It is a pleasure to deal with someone with experience. I do not have to worry about much when purchasing or selling with Mr. Carnuccio because I can trust him to handle all the details and to act as a mediator between buyer and seller. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to sell or purchase a property stress free.

Also Marisa, please tell Mr. Carnuccio that I am very happy with the transaction which took place today and that he is my go-to guy for buying properties.

All the best !!


Frank is a Real Estate Agent I would recommend to anyone selling their home. The details of our particular sale were a bit complicated it being an Estate sale, however Frank made everything clear and hassle free. The house was put up for sale at market value, and within 1 day he had showed it to 6 potential buyers and we had a Promise to Purchase at the asking price. He made himself available not just for any questions we had but also for the buyers inspection and other inquiries. Frank is laid back, experienced and efficient and I appreciated the A1 service we were provided.

Kind regards,

Cara Naomi

We tried to sell our parents former home over 3 years ago with no success. We had a couple of visitors that had come to look at the house. However no one made an offer. This year my sister and i decide to contact mr Frank Carnuccio from sutton. We knew people that had him as a realtor and sold their homes quick and at great price.

We met Frank on February 2018 and by the end of march our parents former house was sold above the original asking price. We were amazed that within the first week of listing the house, Frank had 7 different people that were interested in purchasing a home in Cote St Paul. Within the first the first week we had 2 separate offers... before we even had a chance to post some pictures of the interior of the house on the website.

Frank helped us though the whole process from begining to the end even after the home closed.

Frank is an excelent real estate agent . I would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor.

Denise Iorio

Dear Frank, How to thank you !! In record time, you sold two of our properties, one residental and the other commercial. I must also point out that in the same period you have found our new dream house. I want to thank you and your assistant Lynn for the professionalism you have shown throughout, many transactions. I appreciated amoung others, the great ease of communication during transactions. honesty availability as well as mutual trust established, I will not hesitate to refer you to my friends and acquaintances at amy time


François Bouchard

We would like to thank you for the excellent service in regards to the sale of our house. From day one we felt very comfortable with Frank and his interest in what we would like, the area and the price we wanted. He was a real professional and knows what he is doing.

Hats off to him, he is the best.

Leo & Rose

I`m very satisfied with the service Mr. Carnuccio offered. He's professional and extremely fast. He's a man of his word.

Nathalie Brazeau

Frank was very strategic about the selling of our home .We were very satisfied with Frank's service and were very happy at how quickly our home sold.


Thank you very much to be my mobility agent.
Your service is impeccable, precise and well-organized.
You bring my house to the top dollars.
You showed me how to prepare my house to be the most attractive one that came from more 30 years of your experience. Many customers try to offer right at the first time to visit the house. That help us to get the best offer right at the first week. I am very impressed with you and your team.
I highly recommend to my friends and relative your services.


An urgent situation one day and had to sell my fathers home after he had living 43+years in the same house. We knew we needed someone that knew the ins and outs of business and that would come through with a positive result. Frank Carnuccio and his team were the chosen ones as we needed the top gun of the industry to pull through. His perseverance, dedication and energy along with his pool of resources assured we would succeed and succeed was what he did. A gratefulness that will not be forgetten and I would recommend Frank and his team to anyone that may have doubts in this industry .


There was very good communication with Mr.Carnuccio. He's very punctual and is a man of his word. I have nothing negative to say. We like that he is a very professional man and it was an excellent experience. 


The sale of my parent's house went smoothly. Frank was able to understand the concerns of older people who had to move to another stage in their lives and leave a home where they had been happy for the last 25 years. By his wise advice, he allowed my parents to sell their home in the relatively short time at the expected price, and that in the respect of individuals without putting unnecessary pressure and stress. Special thanks to Lynn, Frank's executive secretary, who did professional effective follow-ups.

Mr Bazinet / Ms Boisclair

Mr. Bazinet / Ms. Boisclair

I would definitely recommend Mr. Carnuccio and his team! This was not my first selling of a home but it was the first time I really felt the agent knew his business. I have interviewed several agents before I had a meeting with Mr. Carnuccio, and made a decision to work with him on the spot, during our meeting. He came to the initial meeting with very helpful information and explained his process in a way that definitely showed his expertise in real estate. He is professional, organized, has a pleasant personality, and goes above and beyond for his clients. I would recommend Mr. Carnuccio to anyone looking to buy or sell! The most important fact - the sale was signed within a week I decided to work with Mr. Carnuccio and his excellent team. Thank you for the outstanding service!

Lilia B.

After many years of looking, we turned to Frank Carnuccio to help us find our dream home in LaSalle. I told him our budget and what we were looking. Frank listened to us. He did not waste our time showing us homes that did not meet our specifications. We had to be patient but he kept in touch regularly and never forgot about us. When a beautiful home along the water came up on the market, he called us first. It was exactly what we were looking for and within our budget. Frank was very professional during the whole transaction and made us feel very comfortable with our purchase. We would recommend Frank to anyone looking for a home. 

Caroline Bodner and Nicholas Lalli

Very satisfied, he sold my house very quickly; about a week.

Frank Carnucci is a very nice businessman. He is recognized as the best and I wanted the best.

Very satisfied with the services


My parents and I thank you for the excellent service you have provided us throughout the process of the sale of our home in Lachine, which is directly associated with my parents' heritage and the fulfillment of a life. During this difficult period for several reasons that you know, you went far beyond the services of a real estate broker with this unique, human and warm touch. Now that the transaction is complete, we can move on to other things but you will stay in our fond memories of this building. Thank you also to your assistant Lynn and her good follow-up. She suffered my mood swings a few times for the causes we know about.

To finish, every time I see one of your signs in front of a property, I will have a smile and I will say that probably if I pass in a few weeks, that it will not be there anymore; because it wil be sold and that your customer will be very satisfied. 

Thank you Frank. 

Martin Proteau


A big thank you to you and your team!!!

Here are a few words we would like to share as a testimonial:

Mr.Carnuccio and his team delievered! From first meeting ,he listened to our concerns and what we needed.He was straight forward with us and told us what he could do for us. And boy did he deliver!We needed to sell our property quickly and get fair marketvalue.We had an accepted offer in 4 days that met all our conditions ! Thoughout the whole process,Mr.Carnuccio and his team communicated with us effectively and professionally.It was a very smooth experience and we are happy to have hired Mr.Carnuccio and his team.Without a doubt ,we recommend him.Thank you!!!!

Cathy & Correy

Having lived downtown for our entire lives, we decided to take a look at what other neighborhoods had to offer – Frank and his team gave us a great overview of what was available in Lasalle. We were impressed with how proactive he was, showing us various homes that might fit our desires based on the initial conversation we had. During our visits, his clear experience was important in helping us notice key features of the places we visited that we might not otherwise have taken note of. He was instrumental in helping us close on a property that fit exactly what we had envisioned!

Even more impressive was that beyond simply offering us an inventory of properties, Frank and his team have continued to support us after finalizing our offer by thoughtfully and proactively referring us to the various services that we might need as we come closer to the move-in date. This is truly a full-service experience!

Lilia and Tom

Lot for Sale

Terrasse Newman

Mr. Carnuccio,

I want to thank you for the excellent work that you accomplished during the sale of our mother's house. Your listening, your patience, your availability to answer each of our questions quickly, your perseverance and your insight were very appreciated. You have accompanied us well and advised us throughout this process. Thank you for making this experience less stressful.


Colette Lague

Thank you Mr. Carnuccio for such a quick sale of my property. You and your team are super efficient! Once again, thank you!

Celine Levac

Frank was so helpful to me, he really went above and beyond. I got an offer on Friday by Monday the property was sold and the sign wasn't even on my property. So elated because they made it easy for me. I would highly recommend them to anybody.


We were looking for our first investement property and Frank Carnuccio helped us navigate every step of the way, including putting us in touch with a team of reliable professionals within a tight closing timeframe, all while prioritizing high quality personalized service and attention.

Thank you!

-Mike and Bianca

Mike and Bianca

For the sale of our house, my wife and I contacted some agents. We finally opted for the experience, the great experience of Mr. Carnuccio and we did not regret it. He reviewed our house while he gave several tips to improve the appearance and presentation. After the first day of visits we had an offer that we accepted in the following days. Everything was done very quickly. Mr. Carnuccio was always available at any time of day and he took care of everything and it went very well.


Thank you very much Mr. Carnuccio!

Chantal & Michel

“We would like to thank Frank and his team for the great and efficient service in regard to the purchase of our house. From the time of informing him what type of property we were looking for, the area and the price range, he quickly came back to us with an opportunity. Frank illustrated a balanced approach in representing both the buyer and seller in this transaction. He went above his call of duty in closing the transaction to accommodate both the buyer and seller in order to close the sale quickly.”                            

John & Cynthia

Mr Frank Carnuccio's service was fantastic. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell there property.

Thank you Frank !!

Mrs. Geoffrion

The service was very efficient! Frank met us in the morning, we already had a visit by the afternoon and then that same night we had an offer that we accepted! We recommend Frank without a doubt!

Thank you!

Sylvain Rochon et Geneviève

Dear Mr. Frank Carnuccio and Madam Lynn, 

In 2019, my luckiest thing is to have gotten help from you and your team to buy my adorable condo. Thank you so much for giving us your time and professional guidance in 2019. We hope that you all enjoy time with family and loved ones this holiday season and I hope 2020 brings you good health, happiness and prosperity.

Happy holidays and have a brilliant new year!

Ling and Xiao

Frank Carnuccio

Frank Carnuccio

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